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We strive to produce puppies that will be the perfect addition to your family. We are AKC registered and are extensively involved in clubs and organizations that are focused on breeding a variety of puppies.

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Cheap Puppy Home, Welcome to HAPPY PAWS HOME and thank you for visiting our website! We are experts in raising Happy Paws Home . Our Puppies also have a variety of coats (smooth coat, short hair, long hair). We take pride in “home-raising” all our puppies. Our puppies receive proper vet care, and are up to date on all of their vaccinations, micro-chipped for permanent identification, before leaving for their forever home. We strive to produce puppies that will be the perfect addition to your family. We are AKC registered and are extensively involved in clubs and organizations that are focused on breeding a variety of puppies.

Puppies and How to Take Care of Them


Welcoming a puppy into your home is an exciting and rewarding experience. However, proper care is crucial to ensure your furry friend grows up healthy and happy. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of puppy care, providing valuable insights to help you raise a well-rounded canine companion.

Choosing the Right Breed: Understanding Your Puppy’s Needs

When it comes to puppies, selecting the right breed is a pivotal decision. Different breeds have varying temperaments, energy levels, and care requirements. Consider factors such as size, activity level, and grooming needs to match your lifestyle with the ideal furry companion.

Researching Breeds

Invest time in researching breeds that align with your preferences. Whether you are drawn to playful Retrievers, loyal German Shepherds, or energetic Beagles, understanding the specific characteristics of each breed will aid in making an informed decision.

Meeting Breeder or Adoption Criteria

Whether purchasing from a breeder or adopting from a shelter, ensure ethical practices and good breeding standards. Meeting the breeder, checking references, and assessing the puppy’s living conditions are essential steps in providing a loving and healthy home.

Preparing Your Home: Creating a Safe Haven for Your Puppy

Before bringing your new puppy home, it’s crucial to puppy-proof your living space to keep them safe and secure.

Securing the Environment

Remove potential hazards such as electrical cords, toxic plants, and small objects that could be swallowed. Create a designated area with a cozy bed, toys, and food and water bowls to establish a safe and comfortable space for your puppy.

Introducing Puppy Essentials

Invest in high-quality puppy essentials, including a nutritious puppy food, grooming tools, a comfortable bed, and appropriate toys to stimulate mental and physical development.

Nutrition: Fueling Growth and Well-being

Proper nutrition is fundamental for your puppy’s growth and overall health. Choose a balanced diet suitable for their age, size, and breed. Cheap Puppy Home

Selecting Quality Puppy Food Cheap Puppy Home

Consult with your veterinarian to determine the best puppy food for your specific breed. Emphasize high-quality ingredients, avoiding fillers and artificial additives. Ensure a consistent feeding schedule to establish routine and promote healthy digestion. Cheap Puppy Home

Monitoring Growth and Adjusting Diet

Regularly monitor your puppy’s weight and adjust their diet accordingly. Puppies undergo rapid growth, necessitating adjustments to meet their evolving nutritional needs. Cheap Puppy Home

Healthcare: Ensuring a Lifetime of Wellness

Regular veterinary care is essential to safeguard your puppy’s health and prevent potential illnesses. Cheap Puppy Home

Vaccinations and Preventive Care Cheap Puppy Home

Adhere to a vaccination schedule recommended by your veterinarian to protect your puppy from common diseases. Additionally, discuss preventive measures for parasites such as fleas, ticks, and worms. Cheap Puppy Home

Dental Health and Grooming

Establish a dental care routine and groom your puppy regularly. Brush their coat, trim nails, and clean ears to maintain optimal hygiene and prevent health issues.

Training and Socialization: Building a Well-Behaved Companion

Proper training and socialization are pivotal in molding a well-behaved and confident adult dog. Cheap Puppy Home

Basic Commands and Positive Reinforcement

Initiate basic training commands early on, using positive reinforcement techniques such as treats and praise. Consistency is key to reinforcing good behavior and fostering a strong bond between you and your puppy.

Exposing Your Puppy to Various Environments Cheap Puppy Home

Expose your puppy to different environments, people, and other animals to promote socialization. This helps prevent behavioral issues and ensures your puppy grows up to be a well-adjusted and friendly companion. Cheap Puppy Home


Raising a puppy requires dedication, patience, and a commitment to their well-being. By understanding your puppy’s needs, creating a safe environment, providing proper nutrition, ensuring healthcare, and investing in training and socialization, you can embark on a fulfilling journey of companionship with your furry friend. Follow these guidelines, and your puppy will not only thrive but also become a cherished member of your family.


About Happy Paws Home

Our puppies are neurologically stimulated which produces dogs who have healthier cardiovascular performance.
This means stronger hearts, stronger adrenal glands, increased tolerance to stress, and greater resistance to disease.
Our puppies are naturally weaned by the mother (not typical of most breeders) producing pups who have an increase in self-control, relational comfort with other dogs, patience, and attention span… while also experiencing a decrease in aggression towards people and other dogs.
Our puppies are constantly exposed to common noises and sounds such as children playing & crying, vacuum cleaners, thunderstorms, and fireworks.
This helps to produce a dog who is confident, calmer and less stressed… all of which makes for easier trainability.
Although we do raise show quality dogs, we are most dedicated to the health, temperament, and happiness of families adopting from us.
We plan only a few litters or just one each year, so that every puppy can have the attention and care they deserve.


Name: Karren
Price: $700
Breed: Yorkie Puppy
Age: 11 Weeks Old
Sex: Female
Vaccinations: Up-to-Date
Registered: Yes
Status: Available


    Name: Mike
    Price: $700
    Breed: Yorkie Puppy
    Age: 11 Weeks Old
    Sex: Male
    Vaccinations: Up-to-Date
    Registered: Yes
    Status: Available


      Name: Anne
      Price: $700
      Breed: Maltese Puppy
      Age: 12 Weeks Old
      Sex: Female
      Vaccinations: Up-to-Date
      Registered: Yes
      Status: Available


        Name: Ben
        Price: $700
        Breed: Chihuahua Puppy
        Age: 12 Weeks Old
        Sex: Male
        Vaccinations: Up-to-Date
        Registered: Yes
        Status: Available


          Name: Jerry
          Price: $700
          Breed: Samoyed Puppy
          Age: 12 Weeks Old
          Sex: Male
          Vaccinations: Up-to-Date
          Registered: Yes
          Status: Available

            Clients Testimonials

            My Chihuahua pup “Shina” which i got from Happy Paws Home is a wonderful dog and was given a clean bill of health from her new vet. She has adjusted very quickly to her new home and the staff at the shop was very kind, courteous, and knowledgeable they also took the time to find the perfect pet for my two daughters.
            Malik Bails
            We bought our puppy from Happy Paws Home. Your sales people were very helpful with all questions that we had. Wonderful service with this site. We were very careful about where we wanted to purchase our puppies and would recommend this website to anyone considering a new Yorkie puppy.
            Hello Happy Paws Home, Wanted to update you on Tarick (Darla/Moses). Can’t believe he’s 4 years old now. He’s happy, healthy, and very well-loved. We still live in Canada and he gets outside every day. He loves to run, explore the trails, swim, and climb mountains. There’s an open space right behind our house that leads to endless trails. We are so thankful to have him in our home. Thank you!
            Well, little Luna is just the most beautiful pup in all ways…not only is she drop-dead gorgeous but we are hugely proud of how smart, mellow, and all-around -fantastic she is. We are so grateful to you for breeding such fabulous puppies!!! Luna was hob-nobbling with the neighbor's dog last week at a party! and she is on her way to Colorado on Thursday for the first time in X’s plane…i am is such a proud Papa!